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Some of my published work:

Marin Independent Journal:

Marin Voice: Which ‘Character of Marin’ are we showing?

Heartbroken: The End of a Love Affair

Travels in Siberia

The Stranger-Danger Generation Goes Couchsurfing

When Does Life Begin?

Are We There Yet?

Phone Home

Road Trip

Murdering Binkley


Washington Post:

My legacy to my daughters: BRCA and cancer?


My decision to keep my breasts

KQED’s Perspectives series:

Suicide by Gun

Risk Management

Hard Freeze

Health Care for the Holidays

Summer of My Dreams

Homeland Security

Good Guns, Bad Guns

Abortion Rights

The Table

Hostile Dependency

Food Stamp Politics

The Kids Are All Right

For Us. For Now

The Price We Pay

She’s Back

Letting Go

The East Bay Monthly 2013 Summer Essay Contest on “What I Miss”


skirt! Magazine

Don’t Be Like Me

Out of the Box

Murdering Binkley

For the Birds

Road Trip




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