My typical lunch

“No one cares what you had for lunch.” That observation (and book title), along with my technophobia, have kept me from dipping into the vast pond of blogging until now. Why should anyone care what I have to say?

For the record, here is my typical lunch: arugula (prewashed, from a bag—I hate spinning greens dry!), cut up veggies, sliced turkey, low-fat ranch dressing, crackers with cheddar, a chocolate chip brownie and oat bar from Trader Joe’s, and a piece of fruit. But really, who cares? Maybe my fellow Weight Watchers, but that’s an obsession best confined to meetings.

Here’s what I care about: My children and husband. Hiking. My friends. My clients. Movies. Reading. The intersection between the personal, the political, and the psychological. Humor. Chocolate. Finding a way to connect through words. Writing that makes a difference.

Shrinkrapped is where I’m parking my writing, connecting with others who are taking a quick break from laundry, deadlines, depressing headlines, dinner prep. Think of it as a little dose of therapy to make you laugh or cry or think. So park yourself along with me while I rap about some of my favorite obsessions:

Motherhood. The Empty Nest. Politics. Psychology. Friendships. Ruptures in Women’s Friendships.

Plus, since everything is copy, one unwelcome obsession: What I’m calling my Cancer Detour, a new muse that showed up in my life in September 2012 (I’m fine now).

I hope you enjoy Shrinkrapped. Please chime in!