About Lorrie

red leaf in water

Call me a late-adopter. But at last I am blogging!

Shrinkrapped is not about therapy, but psychology suffuses my world view. Nor do I know a thing about rap music, but I do like to spin narratives about life as I see it.

Here’s the life narrative I’m spinning so far:

After a happy childhood and college career on the East Coast, I moved to Berkeley with a BA in English and began scooping Bud’s ice cream on Durant Avenue. That was in 1977. Now I’m a psychotherapist by day, married and the mother of two twenty-something daughters 24/7, and a writer around the edges. I still love ice cream.

A few of my other favorite things: Hiking. Obsessing about politics. This American LifeThe Daily Show, and Fresh Air. Lattes. Being a latte liberal. Cooking, especially making fattening desserts. Laughing. Bed-and-Breakfasting. Movies and our movie group. Silence of the Lambs and Miss Congeniality. My family, including my in-laws. The New York Times, NPR, and The New Yorker. Friends. Friday Night Lights and Six Feet Under. Having written. Getting published.

Readers may get the impression that I have 20 children between the ages of 0 and 25, all of them named Emma and Ally. Such is the timeless nature of parenthood and writing. Emma and Ally are not their real names, a small concession to privacy in my otherwise shameless appropriation of their lives.

Lorrie Goldin is my real name.