Question #4

Jonathan and Lorrie, Tour du Mont Blanc 2015Fans of Shrinkrapped may recall that I was planning to pop the question–make that 36 questions–to Jonathan during our vacation. These are the questions, devised by a psychologist and popularized by Modern Love, that supposedly foster intimacy and love. In our case, they fostered a certain amount of resistance and eye-rolling, but Jonathan was game enough to humor me through the first 11 questions during a long drive to the Pyrenees.

Question #4 stood out: “What would constitute a perfect day for you?”

Our answers were the same–a great hike, topped off with a great meal.

We had five hiking days in the Pyrenees, then six in the Alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc. All were great, and all were followed by great meals (OK, panna cotta instead of chocolate mousse lowered the score on a few occasions.)

But all in all, so many perfect days made a perfect trip!

6 thoughts on “Question #4

  1. It all looks wonderful and I think the fact that you met on a hiking trip is obviously the key as to why you both still enjoy it. Long may you both keep doing it!

    • You are so right, Dyanne! Hiking has been a shared passion since we met (on a 15-mile hike). I feel lucky not only that it’s the same answer/passion, but that we can still do it!

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