Nature’s Valentine

Plum Blossoms

Even though we are in the midst of a drought, the Japanese plums are blossoming. They always do this time of year: It’s Nature’s Valentine to Northern California.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and my 60th birthday, my friend Mary and I went to Filoli the day before, on Friday the 13th. On the drive down, I passed a movie marquee advertising Fifty Shades of Grey. I listened to NPR, which featured holiday stories about polyamory and how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Ebola zones. I felt a tad conventional (and very, very lucky) with my box of See’s chocolates for my husband all set for the big day. But soon I arrived in the staid territory of Filoli, a refuge for ladies who lunch. Their Valentine feature was fifty shades of camellias spilling out of teacups:

And, better than an assortment of chocolates, more of nature’s confections:


 HyacinthsMagnoliaHappy Valentine’s Day!


How will you celebrate?

8 thoughts on “Nature’s Valentine

  1. Looks gorgeous. I had no idea, but then I live in SF and do all of my flower gazing in GGP. Right now, we are in the mountains with no snow (except the man-made kind) and ultra warm temps. I took a 4-mile walk today at noon while the boys were skiing. Made the mistake of wearing a jacket. Although I enjoy this weather, it’s a bit unsettling, knowing that these weather changes could be permanent. The band of earth lining the Hetch Hetchy like a bath tub ring shows just how low the water level is. Scary.

  2. We enjoyed taking our red 72 chevy out for a leisurely drive and enjoyed a quiet dinner & dessert from Rulli together at home.

    I would really like to lunch and tour fioli gardens too ; D

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